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Why Gyglio?
We turn engaging content into engaging translations

Blogs, landing pages, newsletters, white papers… The text used in these are more than just words on a page. They aim to engage. They call to act.

However, it’s easy for this call to action to become lost in translation.
If handled carelessly, such translations mean money wasted and profits lost.

We are a multilingual team of highly skilled translators and know how to make a translation engage your audience just as the original does.

Don’t miss your chance to reach the world’s 10 highest-GDP markets by having your critical content carefully translated for just 0.165 USD per word.

The Team

We take quality personally

Most agencies hire translators from a large database of freelancers whose names you never know, hindering their personal attachment to your project.

At Gyglio, we translate or review all your content ourselves, giving you a personal guarantee from people who care about their good name.

Our varied specializations allow us to brainstorm, share knowledge, and excel as a team in a broad range of fields.

With us, you can reach local markets making up 80% of the world’s GDP while working with a single team of localization professionals.

Here we are: (skip)
Pete Stanley

Pete Stanley


Translator and international business postgraduate who gets your message across borders.
Yujie Zhang

Yujie Zhang


Translator in IT since 2011 and a CAT enthusiast.
Emma Tanaka

Emma Tanaka


Language ninja from Australia who makes your Japanese content great
ab origine.

Virginia Monti

Virginia Monti

Spanish (Latin America)

Majored in language alchemy in 2008. Makes words golden and argentine.
Juan Antonio Castán

Juan Antonio Castán

Spanish (Europe)

Creative translator specialized in Humanities lending your content a human touch.
Philipp Wacha

Philipp Wacha


Translator with a Master’s in Automotive Engineering. Gets your translation project rolling.
Vanessa Mancini

Vanessa Mancini


French translator and lawyer who stays true to the spirit of your global journey.
Otávio Banffy

Otávio Banffy

Portuguese (Brazil)

Video game localizer who will bring your Portuguese content to the next level.
Faustina Dongu

Faustina Dongu


Translator in the healthcare field since 2007. Makes sure your Italian content is in good shape.
Vova Zakharov

Vova Zakharov


Translator since 2001. Majored in rocket science. Ready to launch your business globally.
Andrew Cho

Andrew Cho


Specializes in cryptoeconomics, unraveling the most cryptic translation challenges.
Mohamed Kenawy

Mohamed Kenawy


Translator with a degree in English literature and 19 years of experience.

We are tech-savvy

You don’t always think of this when starting out, but as your content grows it gets increasingly hard to maintain its consistency in translation.

We use smart SaaS tools to keep translation memories and glossaries, making sure that your voice stays the same across your localized content.

You can access all your projects and assets in a corporate workspace and easily reuse your resources in any future projects.

If you need an automated localization workflow, we support a wide range of options such as WordPress and GitHub connectors, among others.


We offer unbeatable
for money


Most agencies pay translators a small fraction of the price you pay to them, spending the rest on sales, management, and other overhead costs.

Gyglio pays 80% to actual contributors by saving on all non-productive costs, making sure that you get the most out of every dollar spent.

As a rule, we ask you to place a Translated by Gyglio label in your localized content to spread the word about our services.

Our prices include proofreading by another linguist for the best results, but you can opt out if you want to hire another person for this.

No proofreading

If you want to review our work yourself
USD14/100 words
  •  Translation by a translator from the core team
  • Proofreading by another trusted translator
  • “Translated by Gyglio” label 

White label

If you don’t want to mention us
USD22/100 words
  • Translation by a translator from the core team
  • Proofreading by another trusted translator
  • “Translated by Gyglio” label
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